ITMS Analytics


Time optimization

in the process of compiling and analyzing data on the use of electronic and paper resources

Allows the library to define

its own usage indicators, being able to relate them through bibliographic content and online services, metrics, and user attributes

Dashboards to monitor

customized indicators

Standard metrics

for all services of information

The library can understand

the use of information services qualitatively and quantitatively, enabling engagement with academic entities to facilitate the use of information services

Essential support

to achieve the accreditations of your academic programs

Shows detailed knowledge

report of the budget assigned to different

Gives detailed information

regarding the budget allocated to different library services

Detailed information

on electronic and printed resources

Most Consulted

Less Consulted

Not Consulted

Simplified Implementation & Use

Fully remote installation

Subscription includes data upload service

Maintenance and support to ensure uninterrupted, constant operation

SaaS: Software as a Service model

Responsive interface for all mobile devices